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Security reporting

In cooperation with the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis and the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, and with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade, we launched a "Security Reporting" workshop for journalism students. 



Current affairs in the field of defense and security in the region, factual sources, investigative journalism, digital forensics, identifying disinformation, reporting from crisis areas: case studies from the Balkans and the Middle East, writing professional articles for digital media, creating posts for social networks, TV stories and other aspects multiplatform journalism, leading  security topics from the perspectives of Serbia, BiH, Croatia, Slovenia and the USA.

Our team

The lecturers at the workshops are the editors of the Balkan Security Network  Aleksandar Radić and Daniel Šunter, Editor-in-Chief of Beta and Editor of the Balkan Security Network Vojkan Kostić, Editor of the TV show Dozvolite  Goran Janićević, editor of the Obris portal from Croatia Igor Tabak, security expert from Slovenia and retired colonel Anton Tunja, senior fellow at the European Defendology Center in Banja Luka Predrag Obrenovic and US security expert and retired lieutenant colonel John T. Capello and other guest lecturers. 


On-the-job training

Providing on-the-job training: mentoring students, writing news analysis, interviews, feature stories and social media posts for the Balkan Security Network.

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